Chris Hitchens - College Admissions Counselor

Chris Hitchens - College Admissions Counselor

Just like you…

Like you, college admissions expert Chris Hitchens follows the many ways the college application process has changed over the past decade. What concerns families the most? Will the student have a career after they graduate? Will we get caught up in the student loan crisis? Why are four-year graduation rates so low? 

Chris’ passion for working with students and his desire to make the college planning process less stressful for families inspired him to join the world of college planning.

A Penn State graduate, with 30 years of experience in the public school system, Chris has the in-the-trenches experience that cannot be found with any other type of counselor. His final 26 years were spent at Peters Township High School where he developed the course, “College and Career Symposium”, and is now an IEC trained associate 

His approach involves the entire family. He specializes in helping them sort out college options that will satisfy both the student and parents.

He reminds parents to always keep in mind, “Finding that ‘best-fit’ college for your child, where they be happy, thrive, and graduate in four years is the best way to save money on a college education.”  

Chris tells parents to stop listening to bad advice and not to rely on the “Best College Lists.” Their child is unique, so he guides them through a wide and deep search of schools, ones that many families aren’t even aware exist.  

Matching the student with the best college for them will lead directly to the best financial aid and scholarship offers.

As a counselor, Chris listens to his students, he sees and treats them as individuals. He takes the time to learn what is important to them and how they see their future.   He then works with them to develop a plan for success, which includes all aspects of the college application process.

When he's not meeting with students and parents, Chris is visiting college campuses, talking to admissions directors, attending national conferences, and participating in workshops and seminars to keep up with college admissions and financial aid trends. He frequently presents seminars and workshops on various college planning topics around the Pittsburgh area.