Just as every college is different, so too are the criteria and priorities in each college’s administration process. in fact, one of the greatest advantages of working with Chris is his personal knowledge of these differences, helping students and their parents navigate the process.


Our Mission

We work with students to identify colleges where they will thrive. This involves spending time investigating potential majors and careers, working through the college applications, developing a strong college essay, planning out SAT/ACT testing strategies, plus so much more.  

We target colleges that offer the best financial aid and scholarships and create an individualized
plan of action that will give the student the best chance of being accepted. Together we will make this plan a reality.

Our process

  • Student Surveys: Personality, Work Interest, Values and Skills, Myers-Briggs

  • In Depth Career Counseling

  • Identification of Potential College Majors Based on the Student's Interests and Aptitudes

  • High School Curriculum and Transcript Review

  • SAT/ACT Testing Planning and Strategies

  • Extracurricular Activities Review

  • Resume Development

  • College List Development Including Affordability 

  • In-Depth Research of These Colleges

  • Planning College Visits

  • College Affordability; Merit Aid, Need Based Aid, and Scholarships

  • Review of Colleges that Offered Acceptance including Waitlist Issues

  • Organization and Adhering to a Schedule: Paying Strict Attention to Deadline and Details

  • Guidance Pertaining to Admission Options: Regular Decision, Early Decision, Early Application, etc.

  • Filling out the College Application

  • Athletic Recruitment Procedures When Needed

  • Assistance with Learning Differences

  • Guidance for Musicians, Artists, Performers, etc.

  • Interviews: College and Scholarship

  • College Essays: Primary Personal Statement and Supplemental College Essays

  • Planning and Evaluation of Summer Programs